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    Comment Spam Mistakes? Stop Blaming Akismet

    Image of fish catching a man, represents Akismet catching comment spam.

    When something goes wrong it’s always easier to blame someone or something else. Such is the case with comment spam. As soon as somebody’s comments get mistakenly marked as spam the first reaction is to blame the software. For most of us bloggers, that means we blame Akismet. But if you use the Akismet spam filtering ...

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    Missing CommentLuv Backlinks? Feedburner May Be Hijacking Them

    Image of police officer looking for missing quality backlinks.

    Many bloggers use commenting as way to build quality backlinks to their blogs. But if you are using Feedburner the credit for the quality backlinks you are leaving on CommentLuv enabled blogs may be going to Google. But it is a simple problem to fix. I posted an article roundup on September 5, 2010 that referenced ...

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    125×125 Ad Banner Layout With CSS And HTML

    125x125 banner ads layout image

    125×125 ad banners can be an effective way  to monetize your blog. But if your ad banners are not displayed attractively, they are not likely attract the attention of the reader.  Optimizing your blog for advertising includes making your ad layout as appealing as possible. Ad banners are most effective at generating income streams when ...

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    Social Networking Simplified With Seesmic Desktop2

    Image of logo for the Seesmic social networking client.

    Social Networking is a complete pain in the butt. No, really. I hate it. It's time consuming and it's difficult. My social networking services are scattered all across the web. And bouncing around to access them gets really old really fast.But maybe that will all change with the release of Loic Le Meur's most recent ...

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    Blog SEO Evaluation? Get Your Back To School Report Card

    Image of boy looking at his report card.

    Sometimes it's hard to tell if you are actually doing anything right on your blog. Blog SEO and all the other things that help create a successful blog can be hard to measure. Sometimes you wonder if the potential for greatness exists in the current incarnation of your blog. Well the kids are back to ...

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    Blog Carnival Topic Is A Journey Back In Time

    Image of winged alarm clocks flying through the sky.

    Do you remember when you first started blogging? How together were you? Did you just dive head long into the blogsphere and hope for the best? How would things be different if you knew then, what you know now? That's the latest topic for the BWW Blog Carnival. Write a post sharing what you would have ...

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    Cori Lost Her Cherry – She’s No Longer A Blog Carnival Virgin

    Yup, it's true the latest issue of BWW Blog Carnival has hit the planet. You can find the list of all the participating articles over at Cori Pagett's great blog, Big Girl Branding. Cori can no longer claim the title of Blog Carvnival Virgin. And I must say she did a bang up job of ...

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    The Sunday Blogging Paper – Great Reads From Around The Web

    On Sunday morning many of us like to read the papers. Well, personally, I usually end up reading some interesting posts online. Let me share what I've been reading this morning. Some great articles for your weekend reading: What is HTML5, and Why Should You Care? (switched.com) There is no getting around it folks, HTML5 is coming ...

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    Pay Per Post, How To Not Make Money On Your Blog

    Image of hammer destroying a cell phone.

    In the quest to monetize a blog some bloggers go completely over-board and turn a successful blog into a desolate waste of space. They do this by replacing excellent posts with an over-abundance of pay per post content instead. There is nothing that will turn off readers faster than advertising copy that is trying to ...

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    Minimal Blog Designs – The Sexy Power Of The Little Black Dress

    Image of woman wearing a sexy little black dress.

    Almost every fashion conscious woman alive, owns at least one sexy little black dress. That's because they understand the power of minimal design. The sexy secret of the little black dress is that it shows off your best features without detracting from them in any way. This is the essence of minimal blog themes and ...

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